Mistress Raven

Height: Coming Soon
Shoe size: Coming Soon
Specializes in:

  • Trampling
  • Spanking
  • Humiliation
  • Forced Foot Worship
  • Slave Training

Favorite implement: Crop, Paddle, My Hand, The Sole Of My Boot

You know what you need?

You need discipline and training from a superior Woman.
I am Mistress Raven, a superior Woman.  As such I am inclined to know better than you and so you will follow My rules when in My presence.  You will assume the position I describe. You will address me properly.  You will be collared, tormented, and trained and I will use you according to My whim.  You will be My toy, My slave, or My pet as My moods strike.  I will experiment on you.  I will make you perform to entertain me.  I would demand excellence from you, but as you are inferior, you aren't likely to impress me.  If you do manage to impress or amuse Me, you will be rewarded: perhaps you will be allowed to serve as My foot rest, or granted the privilege or worshiping my beautiful feet.  If you fail to please Me, I may punish you.
It's that simple.