CBT & Ball Busting

Cock & Ball Torture
I took a length of clothesline rope and doubled it.  Near the center, I created two small bights, or loops, about two inches apart.  **I centered the space between the bights behind his scrotum and wound the rope snugly around his balls.  Careful to avoid covering or obstructing the bights, I made four passes, then tied an anchoring knot behind the scrotum.  I used the remainder of the rope to bind his cock.

I threaded another length of clothesline rope through the bights, then tied the ends of this rope to his toes.  This had a charming effect: each time he moved his feet slightly, he would inadvertantly tug his own balls.  For his benefit I explained the mechanics of my thoughtful engineering.  Of course he tested it immediately.  His response was an immediate, guttural groan.  I reached out and gave the anchoring rope a good, firm twang; this incited a groan from him and consequently a giggle from me.

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CBT & Ball Busting: The Fantasy
It should be known that the athletic cup was developed long before the invention of the helmet in predominantly male oriented sporting events. Why is this? Because from the beginning of time, men have realized that their jewels are sensitive, vulnerable . . . and quite easy to decimate. Unlike the rest of the male population, you are a fun one. You lack the instinct to protect your nuts and relish in the idea of having a strong and beautiful Woman use their vulnerability to Her pure advantage. You know that the pathetic sack between your legs is hardly equivalent to precious jewels. They are toys for Us to play with, designed to make you squeal for Our amusement. That is the only reason your balls exist.

It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve walked into a room, only to have your eyes lock on the toned, gorgeous legs of a Goddess. Rather than escaping into a daydream of having Her legs wrapped around you, you’re wondering how Her pink little knee cap would feel brutally colliding with your balls if you “accidentally” happened to walk past and spill your drink on Her satin stilettos. As you focus on Her high heels, you’re thinking of the taut muscles in Her calves and how strong Her legs are . . . just how harsh of a kick can they deliver? And then, you’re getting all twitchy wondering how the sharp, pointed stiletto would feel being ground into those worthless jizz producers; the ever increasing sharp pressure threatening to make one of them pop at any moment now . . . threatening to take away your “manhood” as we know it. Perhaps She will spare you that torment and decide to make playful use of Her riding crop instead; delivering each smack with an unparalleled joy in Her glittering eyes. Or perhaps She’ll get them all tied up and bound only to hook some extravagant weights onto the cord, lightly tapping them with Her foot to delight in your squirming as your torment builds to a crescendo. All that matters now is that She sees you as a whimpering excuse of a man; using exactly what defines your gender to thoroughly emasculate you. This is your place, and it is where you were always meant to be.


Tools of the Trade
In addition to Our wicked imaginations, punches, slaps, knees, cock crushing feet, and high heels, the highly trained Sadists of The Continuum have a variety of tools at Our disposal which include:

  • Acrylic Cock and Ball Crusher (a marvel of engineering)
  • CBT Rope (for cock and ball bondage)
  • Weights
  • CBT Chair
  • Spreader Bars (don’t even think about flinching)
  • Floggers
  • Candle Wax and Ice
  • Clothes Pins and other sensory toys
  • Sounds, Catheters, Needles and other medical play impliments