Chastity Play & Key Holding

Photo of Mistress Khaleesi

Chastity Play: The Fantasy
It’s a man’s world, or so the song goes. In your day-to-day life, male sexuality is revered, and your access to sexual gratification is treated like a right.  Men are socialized to shamelessly pursue women for their own personal pleasure, but what could possibly be more pleasurable than a man’s willful submission? Surrender your ability to orgasm for the satisfaction of serving your Mistress in all Her wants and needs.

The erotic humiliation of having your cock, the center of your power, controlled by a seductive Mistress is more thrilling than any of the one night stands that you have used to validate your masculinity. You will learn to obey your Mistress’s every command as she teases you to a point of overwhelming arousal then sadistically denies your release. (Men always want what they can’t have the most). Give in to the masochism of desire and constant cravings brought by your restraint and ruined orgasms. If you are a good boy and serve your Mistress well, you may be rewarded. Men hold the things they have to work for dearest.


Key Holding
Did you know that We offer key holding services? If you have a personal chastity device that you can take home with you, and remaining under lock and key for the duration of your session is simply not enough, We would be delighted to extend the confines of your enforced celibacy.

Discuss your desires and the terms of engagement with your Mistress…That is, if you are worthy enough to be considered.