Forced Feminization

The Fantasy
You were born with a cock and thus society demands that you purport yourself in a manly fashion. It’s a lackluster proposition when you secretly long to be the damsel in distress. You’ve seen the pulp novels portraying the scantily clad beauty in bondage or otherwise being menaced by some brute. Her peril is your fantasy, but unlike her, you’re not waiting for the hero. You’re waiting to be manhandled, degraded, and to find the freedom in your sexual subjugation to be the panty wearing, cock sucking slut you’ve always wanted to be.


Denny said he wanted to be objectified and humiliated.  He wanted me to make him my bitch, in his own words.  He said he wanted to feel like he didn’t matter at all.  He gave me permission to do whatever I needed to do to achieve this, as long as it didn’t leave any discernible marks on his body.  He wanted to feel powerless.

I made him put on some red satin panties and a red push-up bra.  I told him I was going to call him Jane.

“Stand right there, Jane. Just stand there.  No, don’t turn around; I want you facing away from me.  I want to see you clench your ass.  First the left cheek, then the right.  Tighten and relax.  That’s right.”  He was twerking one ass cheek at a time.  The satin panties rippled and reflected the dim light.  “Yeah, that’s good, Jane.  Now pull your panties up into your crack so I can see more of your ass.”  He tugged the panties up into his crack, then gave me a few more clenches.  “No, you can stop that now.  I’m bored with that.  Bend over for me.”” — Read more from “Jane” here.


Making an Appointment
Your mundane menswear will be stripped away. You will be given a new lingerie-clad identity. The Continuum owns many delicate items to complete your transformation. What a sexy predicament!