Foot Worship


He grasped my ankle and placed my foot directly over his face.  Inhaling.  Exhaling.  I pressed my arch against his face.  I teased him by wiggling my toes against his forehead.  He sat there still as Buddha, ravenously inhaling the scent of the sweat on my feet.  He was oblivious to everything except the sole of my foot.”

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Making an Appointment:

The Mistresses of The Continuum love to indulge foot fetishists of all kinds. Whether you prefer to kneel before Her or lay beneath Her delicious feet, Our facilities are equipped to accommodate private sessions between you and your Mistress. Be sure to let your Mistress know in advance of your session if you have any preferences regarding footwear, stockings, bare feet, polish color, or foot cleanliness/ odor.




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