Mistress Maeuve

A note from Head Mistress Desiree:

Mistress Maeve is an adept student of sadism and Domination.  At first glance, you will appreciate Her classic pin-up style beauty and grace.  Upon meeting Her, your world will be turned on it’s head: you may have had thoughts of objectifying this lovely Woman, but it is She who will objectify you.  You will be Her specimen, like a bug pinned to a cork board.  Your body is Hers to observe, restrain, torment.  Your mind is Hers to analyze.  If you have bad habits, She will correct them.  

Mistress Maeve is the cure for the common man.

I see a lot of potential in this protégé, so I will be taking Her under My wing, the better to mentor Her closely.  Therefore, for the time being if you wish to make Her acquaintance it will be in the context of a session with Me.  It will be your challenge and your privilege to serve Us simultaneously.  You know what that means?  It’s time to step up your game, because We demand it.