Photo of Mistress Natalie

Mistress Natalie

Height: 4'7 in flats; 5'0 in heels
Shoe Size: US 5; EU 34.5
Specializes in:

  • Humiliation and Verbal Domination
  • Phone Domination Sessions
  • Corporal
  • Foot Worship; Shoe & Boot Worship
  • Trampling
  • Leg & Stocking Worship (including Fully Fashioned and RHT stockings)
  • Vintage Lingerie & Corsetry
  • Feminization, Emasculation & Sissy Play
  • Tickle Torture
  • Violet Wand
  • Vaping Fetish
  • NT/Clamps
  • Wax Play & Sensory Play

Favorite Implements: Her voice, Her legs and feet, Wooden Paddle, Leather Flogger, Dragon Tail, Clamps, Violet Wand

Wish List: Amazon

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In the words of Mistress Desiree: "Natalie’s gift for domination is brilliant as a diamond and has as many facets.  She can be a cruel temptress or a playful tease, an indulgent fetishist or a stern disciplinarian.  She has an exquisite imagination.  She enjoys using it to devise petty torments to inflict upon Her subjects, often for mere amusement.  I’ve watched Her rule, own, and completely subjugate one helpless, hapless soul after another.  Even a dim candidate quickly realizes a few things about Mistress Natalie. 

First of all, Mistress Natalie is the boss.  She expects strict adherence to Her protocol and rules.  You will learn Her protocol if you hope to continue to be worthy of Her trouble.  You will know the rules because She will tell you.  You will strive to obey if you want to remain in Her good graces.

Second, you will learn that appearances are misleading.  Mistress Natalie is utterly feminine, fluent in grace and poise.  She is always elegantly dressed, perfectly made up and coiffed.  She has a distinctive flair.  She is a lovely petite figure.  Don’t let any of this fool you.  Mistress Natalie is a born Domina, refined through years of personal and professional training and experience.  She is more than adept at getting into a a submissive’s psyche and figuring out what makes them tick.  She is both beautiful and twisted.  She’s charming and demanding.  She’s elegantly perverse.  She possesses a keenly brilliant, filthy mind.  Not only will She own you six ways, She’ll do it in high heels…and She will make it look easy.

Third, Mistress Natalie is much smarter than you.  She knows this.  You would do well to understand and accept this before seeking audience.  While you were jerking off to dirty magazines, She was busy studying the varying nature of kink.  While you were reading phone sex ads in the back of even dirtier magazines, She was studying psychology to learn how to control the pathetic cocks of inferior males.  While you were checking out the underwear ads in the department store catalogues, Natalie was amassing Her own vast signature fetish wardrobe, complete with impeccably designed lingerie, corsets, and stockings.  Natalie is way ahead of you.  She knows how to get into your head and under your skin.  Finally: a Woman who understands you."

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